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A letter from the president

Since going to Honduras for the first time in 2012, I have been an enthusiastic supporter. I witnessed first hand, the positive effect that a small group of generous and kind hearted people can have.

When you return to Nuevo Paraiso, the children’s village, the boys and girls are so delighted to see you again. They have two questions, “How long are you staying?” and “When are you coming back?”

Being able to go to Honduras and meet the children you sponsor is a unique benefit of supporting FoHC. There are many ways to help, not just sponsoring a child.

In the fall of 2017, we had the opportunity to meet some local students who attend the high school on the property of Nuevo Paraiso. Many cannot afford the tuition of $250 USD and so the principal forwards to us the names of bright, hard working students who we then sponsor, so they can complete a high school education. One young man explained to us that the scholarship sent by FoHC meant that he could attend school rather than cut sugar cane and become a labourer.

In the capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa, we support a school for girls, Reyes Irene Valenzuela. The girls in the school face many challenges. Living in poverty, domestic violence, gang violence, racism as indigenous people, drug and alcohol abuse in their families, teenage pregnancy, abuse in the workplace… to name a few. The school helps girls transform into confident and capable young women who become leaders in their families and communities.

If you wish to help out in any way you can volunteer at the office, join us on a trip to Honduras, or become a child sponsor. Or you can donate to our scholarship fund or Reyes Irene Valenzuela School.

Thank you for your interest in Friends of Honduran Children and we would love to hear from you!

— Anne Morawetz

President, Friends of Honduran Children


We partner with several programs in Honduras in order to ensure our goals are realistic and align with the local needs of children.


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We pride ourselves on our commitment and ability to deliver most every dollar directly to the activities we support in Honduras.

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Our Team

Meet our dedicated team of volunteers and staff who are committed to making a real difference in the lives of Honduran children.

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Come and join us! Volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization. Without you, we would be unable to support our children.

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Our Vision

is a future for Honduran children with hope, dignity, respect and self-reliance.

Our Mission

is to improve the lives of Honduran children by supporting basic needs and empowering them to break the cycle of desperate poverty.

Our Values

  • Rescue children from a life of poverty and neglect
  • Supply food, clothing and shelter
  • Support health care and education
  • Give love and security
  • Nurture the development of moral values


  • Invest in sustainable programs
  • Foster an environment of self-sufficiency and social responsibility
  • Work in partnership with Honduran organizations and communities and international NGOs
  • Be ever mindful that we do no harm

We can’t change the world, but in this little part we can make a difference

Dr. Jim McCallum
Founder – Friends of Honduran Children

The children captured my heart, and have never let go

Jane Bleecker
Eight-time Brigadier

Borders disappeared, and the sense of a global village emanated

Judy Blaney
First-time Brigadier

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