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Real Children

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Our mission is simple

Improve the lives of Honduran children by supporting basic needs and empowering them to break the cycle of desperate poverty.

Our efforts create results

By investing in sustainable programs rather than band-aid solutions, we’re helping them transform themselves – from victims of poverty to self-sufficient members of society. 

Join a Brigade

Do real work on the ground in Honduras. We specialize in sending volunteer medical, dental and building brigades where their services are desperately needed.


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Sponsor a Child

Make a real difference with as little as $40/month to support a child living in poverty, and set them on a path to supporting themselves.

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Send a Gift

Browse our catalogue of specific needs for the children, schools and partner programs we support in Honduras, and know exactly how your gift is being used. 

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Make a Donation

Fight the cycle of poverty and crime with a donation in support of the thousands of abandoned, impoverished and orphaned children of Honduras.

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We can’t change the world, but in this little part we can make a difference

Dr. Jim McCallum
Founder – Friends of Honduran Children

The children captured my heart, and have never let go

Jane Bleecker
Eight-time Brigadier

Borders disappeared, and the sense of a global village emanated

Judy Blaney
First-time Brigadier

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