Donate here Reyes Irene Valenzuela School for Girls is a beacon in a dark night for many teens, young women and mothers. This school located in the heart of Tegucigalpa offers disadvantaged girls the power to step-up.  It’s not easy…most left school to work six days a week in low-paying jobs. Many have young babies and children.  Many are afraid… of robbery, assault and mistreatment. Without awareness and justice for their rights, harm, poverty and crime are daily threats. But there is a way out… Reyes Irene provides free EDUCATION Reyes Irene provides FOOD and ESSENTIALS Reyes Irene provides CAREER TRAINING Reyes Irene provides SOCIAL and LEGAL ASSISTANCE Reyes Irene provides a SAFE SPACE to gather …WOMEN INSPIRING WOMEN… You can offer a step-up. You can offer transportation, food. You can offer the gift of education. You can. By donating a little in honour of yourself, your mother, your wife, your daughter.  Contribute to make a girl’s life better.
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