Grace United Church Brigade (Nov. 15th-26th, 2019)

July 22, 2019
Seventeen, excited, eager folks are signed up to undertake more upgrades to the Nuevo Paraiso Children’s Village school in Honduras this November.

Last year, the Grace Building Brigade constructed much-needed, washrooms with flush toilets and running water in the sinks; something most children had never experienced! Safety concerns are the focus of this upcoming trip. Increased traffic on the roads by the elementary school call for the need of a protective wall around the perimeter of the Nuevo school yard, and this brigade from Peterborough, Ontario is ready to provide.

The Building Brigade plans to re-visit several area rural schools constructed by the brigade in previous years.They’ll deliver much-needed school supplies, and food bags for the students to take home. They anticipate lots of fun and laughter with the huge parachute brought along, and a pinata full of treats!

After Sunday mass with the children, time’s allotted to go out and about in the community, to visit craft villages, beautiful churches, and the transition homes of the older children attending university.

The Grace Church crew is blessed to have five new brigaders this year. They can’t wait to show them the amazing work being done on the ground in Honduras, all due to the support and kindness of folks back home in Canada!

If you’d like more information on our upcoming brigades, please contact our office at 705-749-1900 or email: No matter if this is your fifth, ninth, or your very first trip, you’ll build relationships and feel experiences you never imagined possible. Be prepared…the children will take hold of your heart strings and never let go!

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