Christmas Appeal

December 21, 2018
My name is Judy Martin. I am a volunteer and donor with Friends of Honduran Children. I had the lifetime opportunity to join a FoHC brigade in March 2018.

I hoped to find a child to sponsor. Our brigade leader told me be patient. One day, in particular, was scorching hot. A little boy in a long sleeve shirt, with shoes far too big for his tiny feet, trundled past me. I was shocked when I found out his actual age. He looked 2 years younger, likely because of malnourishment. His name is Yarin.

I stretched out my hand and he took it.
Something magical happened. It was instant and I felt it.
I knew I was going to become a sponsor for Yarin.

I could tell you more about Yarin but what FoHC does is about all the children in the care of Sister Maria Rosa, Mae, Churri, the ‘tias’, and you. I saw children thriving because of your gifts…children who were full of joy because they had love. The children are grateful for your gifts: food, tuition scholarships, backpacks, and a roof over their head.

After a week of witness to the children’s joy, something changed inside me…

I thought I was going to help the children.
I didn’t realize how much the children were going to help me.

When I returned home, my friends and family questioned why I was going somewhere else to help when I could help people right here at home. What is so hard to explain is this. Before, when I saw a homeless person in downtown Peterborough, I questioned what they would use the money for. Since the FoHC brigade, I realize it’s not my place to judge or ask who is worthy.

My neighbor, Julia, is a FoHC volunteer brigade leader and donor. Julia first invited me to Honduras. Although I was unsure what I would experience, FoHC changed my life in one simple way.

I don’t take anything for granted anymore.

My donation this Christmas, separate from my sponsorship for Yarin, will be generous and if I have more to give, I will.

Your gifts are making a difference in the lives of all the children supported by FoHC. Thank-you for reading this Christmas appeal.

With greatest affection,

Judy Martin

P.S. Plan a future gift, with no fixed amount, that won’t affect your income today. Email us at or call us at (705) 749-1900 to find out more.

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