Global Kids Initiative

October 08, 2018
Friends of Honduran Children’s Education Committee is launching a new initiative called “Global Kids”. This 90-minute educational program, which is designed to help local children learn more about children around the world, will be offered to grade 2 teachers at schools in the Peterborough area. Using our work with children in Honduras as a context, volunteers from the committee will facilitate students’ participation in a variety of experiential activities. Through these activities, students will gain a deeper understanding of what commonalities and differences exist for children around the world. In an age-appropriate way, the session will explore themes including poverty, social justice and global citizenship. Ways for students to make a difference in Honduras will be highlighted. Our interactive program is aligned with the Ontario Grade 2 Social Studies curriculum; however, the general content could support the learning of other primary students as it will foster the development of attitudes or “habits of mind” that are considered essential for the development of responsible citizenship. The cost of the program is $50 and 100% of the fee will go towards funding scholarships that will enable Honduran children to pursue a high school education. The plan is to launch the program early in 2019. If you know of a teacher who would be interested in bringing this program into their classroom, please tell them to call the FoHC office to request a brochure with more detailed information.
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