The Brigade Experience

December 12, 2017
So many lifelong memories but one stands alone. My 16 year old nephew, Hector, 13 other volunteers and I stood outside the one-room schoolhouse without electricity but with an outhouse perched on a hill. We had arrived in this remote, mountain village after a three-hour drive on roads (?) severely impacted by the heavy rains. One by one, the 32 beautiful children were given a knapsack filled with the essential items our friends and families had generously gathered. Borders disappeared and the sense of a global village emanated.
— Judy Blaney, First Time Brigader












Thank you so much to the participants and supporters of the recent FoHC Adult Awareness Brigade. Your gifts made so much possible!

Only Through Education

FoHC Board members on the brigade met with 15 of the full-time students who received scholarships from the FoHC Education Committee. Not only do these young people maintain an average of over 85 percent, they show their appreciation for their scholarships by tutoring fellow students. Two of the young women have started a fundraising program in their community to fund another scholarship.

High school staff, scholarship students and brigade members

We cannot thank Lynda Hodgins and Millbrook Cavan United Church enough for their support of scholarships for these students.

As Judy indicated, a visit to a remote school is a highlight of every brigade.

Not only were we able to deliver the planned school supplies, personal items and food for the students, a generous passenger seated beside Anne Morawetz on the flight to Honduras, handed her a $100 US bill when he learned about our work.

All hands on deck to prepare for hitting the piñata at the mountain school.

In the Village…

And of course, brigaders spent much time with the children in the village. From simply reading to the children at night, spending time making cupcakes or special events like our Halloween party or dinner out for the young men of Santiago Apostle, brigaders demonstrated their personal commitment to making lives better for these children.

Just hanging out!









Making bracelets.










Funny Canadian tradition – bobbing for apples!










Thank you to our corporate supporters. Giant Tiger (Lakefield Highway) donated umbrellas to provide coverage in rain and sun for the Tia’s (housemothers) in the children’s village. Giant Tiger (Lansdowne Street West) gave bags of shoes, t-shirts, shorts and baseball hats. (The hats were for children who walk a long way to get to their school in the mountains.) And thank you to Value Village (Peterborough) for much needed socks.

Interested in the Brigade Experience?

A brigade provides a fascinating opportunity to learn firsthand about the work we dp in Honduras. If you are interested in participating in or organizing a brigade, please contact us at 705.749.1900 or

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