St. Peter’s Students Make a Difference in Honduras

June 08, 2017
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St. Peter’s students made a big difference in Honduras, and even visited a school that had never been visited before!

This past April 19 enthusiastic St. Peter’s students and two teachers traveled to Honduras for a life changing experience.

They had the chance to visit the Nuevo Paraiso Children’s Village and spend time with the children. This year, their project was a water project in a rural village. They were working to build a concrete pad that water tanks will sit on, as well as a fence to keep it safe and clear of pests and animals.

Students Kenzie and Nic described their experience visiting a rural school: “Today we were able to experience something we will never forget. We, along with other students went to a rural school that had never been visited before.”

The students sang their national anthem for the Canadian students. Nic describes the experience and said that “The teacher gave us a speech explaining how grateful she was for us to be there. It was so powerful that it brought all of us to tears. We were shocked at how small the classroom was. Words cannot describe the experiences we have received on this trip, even the pictures you have and will see will never do justice to the real thing.”

Our brigades are life changing! Contact us to find out more information about how you can make a difference in Honduras.

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