2018 Financial Year



Honduras Support

Strategic Plan

Help strengthen programs in Honduras

  • Renew our relationship with Sociedad Amigos de los Niños
  • Improve support of our Futures Fund
  • Improve relationships with other non-governmental organizations
  • Help Strengthen programs at Reyes Irene Valenzuela School for Girls
  • Help Strengthen programs at the Nuevo Paraiso Children's Village
  • Help strengthen education programs

Revitalize Brigades

  • Strengthen relationship with current brigades
  • Recruit more brigade leaders

Diversify and Strengthen Funding

  • Improve fundraising
  • Strengthen communications with donors
  • Improve Child Sponsorship program

Improve Internal Systems and Procedures

  • Focus Friends of Honduran Children activities
  • Strengthen our Board of Directors
  • Strengthen volunteer support