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You can make a real and immediate difference in Honduras by contributing to construction and infrastructure projects that have a direct impact on community health and well-being.

Garden barrels

A standard plastic garden barrel can be transformed into an easy-to-maintain kitchen garden. Drainage water at the bottom of the barrel is captured and re-used, thereby saving a valuable resource.

Wash stand

Many people in Honduras wash their clothes and dishes in dirty streams and rivers. A wash stand (pila) greatly improves sanitary conditions while making the work a little less onerous.

Construction Projects

Construction Projects


A sanitary latrine helps prevent the spread of disease, and dramatically improves living conditions.

The two-stall latrine and wash stand combo unit is perfect for a school or community. It can be modified to include a latrine, shower and wash-stand for domestic use.

Bio-Sand Water Filter

Clean drinking water is not readily accessible. The provision of a bio-sand water filter, and system maintenance training, assures clean drinking water.

Cement flooring

The staff homes of our teachers, Tias (aunties), and others often have simple dirt floors. You can help to improve their homes and health with new cement floors.

Paint a house

After a few years of seasonal rains in Honduras, homes need a fresh coat of paint to prevent brick deterioration as well as to maintain an attractive appearance.

Pave a road

Blowing dust makes buildings and homes difficult to keep clean.  Dirt and mud can be a real problem in the village, placing residents and the children at risk of infections and diseases.  Interlocking brick roads are the perfect solution to combat these issues.

Safe cook stoves

Cooking over an open flame stove without ventilation has serious health consequences for all inhabitants. A safe cook stove with proper ventilation ensures that smoke is exhausted outside of the home.

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